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Now, the Wikivoyage association already exists for eleven years and gives active support for the work of the authors on the web-based travel guide project Wikivoyage by various means. This means a long term for a web project.

The project was established in 2006 with a first language version, the German one. The concern of this web project was and is to familiarize travelers traveling both privately and professionally with freely accessible knowledge on their travel destinations like for instance the country itself, its people and sights, to respect and to become acquainted with the native people and, thus, to contribute to international understanding. One year later, the Italian language version followed.

Of course it’s not easy to keep such a project going with just a few club members, authors, and supporters, especially if the project is still small and not so well known. However, nowadays we can state that we have achieved our goal and can assure the project both in terms of content, technology and finances in the future, too.

The application for the recognition as a Wikimedia Usergroup was successful: on 3 May 2017, the Wikivoyage association was recognized as the Wikimedia user group “WVA Wikivoyage Association”.

Development of the project

The association exists for about eleven years and is a sister project of the Wikimedia movement, fond of traveling, since 2013. The association actively supports the concerns of the Wikimedia movement. One of the goal of this project is to attract new volunteers for both Wikivoyage and the entire Wikimedia movement. In 2017, the Hindi branch became the 19th Wikivoyage branch.

Beside writing articles, members and authors made extensive adaptations to templates, the programming of modules, which can be inserted directly into the articles, as well as to mostly manually performed data transfers to the database project Wikidata.

According to the purpose of the association, the association has and will continue to support the communities by projects, public relations and cooperation with other non-profit organizations. The association’s own server is used for archival purposes and the implementation of new project ideas such as the provision of map tools, too.

Board activities

In 2017, the focus of the association’s activities was again on increased internationalization and international perception of the project but also on the technical support in crosslinking with other Wikimedia projects like the Wikimedia Commons media repository, with other language branches of Wikivoyage and with the database project Wikidata. Collaboration between the various Wikivoyage branches should be encouraged.

The board

For several years, the board actively participated in the preparations and discussions to recognize the association as a user group by the Wikimedia Foundation. On May 3, 2017 the association got its recognition as the Wikimedia user group “WVA Wikivoyage Association”.

The chairman of the association, Roland Unger, presented the project Wikivoyage to a broad public at the WikiCon 2017 in Leipzig, Germany, and at the WikidataCon 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

The board permanently informed its members about its work in newsletters via email.

Membership development

The association currently has ten members. The number of members stagnated. The largest proportion of members were from Germany, one member is from Switzerland. In addition to the members, the association is supported by volunteer community members (volunteers, supporters). However, a larger number of members would be desirable.

Community support

In 2017, the number of active authors remained largely constant.

Collaboration with non-profit associations in Germany and Austria

Both the collaboration with the non-profit Wikimedia Deutschland association in Berlin, Germany, started in 2012 and the collaboration with Wikimedia Österreich association in Vienna, Austia, started in 2016 were continued.


The association’s documents are published on the web at in both German and English.

General assemblies

19th General Assembly (Online)

The statutory general assembly, which was held as an online meeting from 11 to 18 October 2017, was quorate with eight members. Essentially, the new budget, the minutes of the 18th General Assembly and the Annual Report 2016 have been confirmed.

Association’s budget

Income and expenditure

The Wikivoyage association’s budget exclusively consisted in 2017 of membership fees and private donations.


Due to the non-profit status of the association no taxes are incurred.

Account management

The association maintains both an account with HypoVereinsbank (Unicredit) and a Paypal account to which foreign members can pay their contributions and donations.

Charitable status

The association’s charitable status was reconfirmed with the notice of exemption by the tax office of Halle (Saale), Germany, from June 16, 2017.

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