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You can support the Wikivoyage association with a membership. Please read the By-laws first. One of the main demands is the possibility to participate on electronic communication. You need a valid email address. You can become an active or non-active (supporting) member. Due to our subscription rules the normal fee for a regular member is EUR 25.00 per year (reduced: EUR 12.50) juridical (supporting) members pay at least EUR 100.00 per year. You can pay via debit authorisation (German residents only), bank transfer or Paypal (see [[donation)).

The work on the website doesn't need a membership at Wikivoyage e.V. If you have any question, just ask us.

Please send the completed application form via mail or email to:

Wikivoyage e.V.
c/o Stefan Fussan
Am Nordrand 44
03044 Cottbus

Application forms:

Other documents:


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