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Becoming a member

You can support the Wikivoyage association with a membership. Please read the By-laws first. One of the main demands is the possibility to participate on electronic communication. You need a valid email address. You can become an active or non-active (supporting) member. Due to our subscription rules the normal fee for a regular member is EUR 25.00 per year (reduced: EUR 12.50) juridical (supporting) members pay at least EUR 100.00 per year. You can pay via debit authorisation (German residents only), bank transfer or Paypal (see Donation).

The work on the website doesn't need a membership at Wikivoyage e.V. If you have any question, just ask us.

Please send the completed application form via mail or email to:

Wikivoyage e.V.
c/o Roland Unger
Victor-Klemperer-Str. 18
06118 Halle (Saale)

Application forms:

Other documents:

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