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Wikivoyage News:2016-12-10: Wikivoyage turns 10-year-oldWikivoyage News:2016-12-10: Wikivoyage turns 10-year-old/deWikivoyage News:2017-05-03: Wikivoyage became a Wikimedia Usergroup
Wikivoyage News:2017-05-03: Wikivoyage became a Wikimedia Usergroup/deWikivoyage News:2017-05-31: 2016 Annual Report publishedWikivoyage News:2017-05-31: 2016 Annual Report published/de
Wikivoyage News:2017-06-16: Non-profit organizationWikivoyage News:2017-06-16: Non-profit organization/de
Wikivoyage News:2017-09-27: Hindi Wikivoyage startedWikivoyage News:2017-09-27: Hindi Wikivoyage started/de
Wikivoyage News:2017-10-10: 19. General AssemblyWikivoyage News:2017-10-10: 19. General Assembly/deWikivoyage News:2018-07-06: Bengali and Pashtu Wikivoyages started
Wikivoyage News:2018-07-06: Bengali and Pashtu Wikivoyages started/deWikivoyage News:2018-09-09: 2017 Annual Report publishedWikivoyage News:2018-09-09: 2017 Annual Report published/de
Wikivoyage News:2018-12-03: 20. General AssemblyWikivoyage News:2018-12-03: 20. General Assembly/deWikivoyage News:2019-12-04: 21. General Assembly
Wikivoyage News:2019-12-04: 21. General Assembly/deÜber uns

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